Krassimir Dimitrov is from Ivaylovgrad – a small town nearby the border. The region became well known in recent years as an exciting place to visit. Hospitality is a distinctive feature of local people. Krassimir says that as early as 2011 he brought his idea of ​​popularizing Bulgaria worldwide into life. He created the site

At that time, he observed that each Balkan country had a huge presence in social media, while Bulgaria did not even have an official page, and so he created The magic of Bulgaria in Facebook. His aim was to show the country’s beautiful corners. Currently, it is the most popular social networking site that promotes Bulgaria to foreigners, with over 120,000 followers. Most of them are Germans, English, Italians and Spaniards.

In the site you can take a closer look at Bulgarian traditions and culture. Simply said, it shows everything that we should be proud of. More than 500 attractions are described and there are many articles about specific destinations. Only in 2017 there are over half a million visits. One of Krassimir’s projects which is still in progress is to create thematic souvenir packages with traditional Bulgarian products. During our conversation, he speaks boldly about the great potential of Bulgaria for alternative tourism.

The next day we drive from Ivaylovgrad to Lyubimets. After the turn off to the village of Huhla, we descend to the valley of Arda. The road passes through the dam and then we turn right and the road climbs upwards. After a few kilometers we reach the village of Lambuh. Krassimir tells me an interesting story on the road:

“My father is from Lambuh, a small village just above the Ivaylovgrad dam. I relate this place with many of my childhood memories. When I was little I had a dream to make a guest house there because I knew this village was kissed by God. I haven’t made this dream a reality yet. However, there are other people, enchanted by the atmosphere of the village too, and so they created two wonderful guest houses. That is why we made a path that starts from the church and leads to the village’s “Ayazmo”, and there is a panorama to the Ivailovgrad dam. ”

The story ends when we reach St. Peter and Paul Church in Lambuh and we descend down to the panoramic playground. It’s truly unforgettable for this is perhaps the most exciting place in the whole Eastern Rhodopes. Krasimir shows me some interesting spots in the village and then we head to Ivaylovgrad and the tourist information center.

It is situated in a restored house near the central square. We refresh ourselves with a cup of coffee. We talk about its potential as a place where you can hire equipment and then go and have some fun – kayaking or bicycling. You can also rent a tent. Krassimir is looking forward to welcoming you in Ivailovgrad. (contact him on FB)